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Sunday, 25 September 2011
Style icon sketch posted at 09:04

Title page for my style icon design brief!

find of the day 25/9 posted at 06:41

Topshop Andre Wedge Lace Up Boot
I can imagine now that many women are clearing out their Summer wardrobes, reminiscing on the memories that their beautiful strappy wedges and tight bodycon dresses brought to their summer. Despite the fact that a British Winter will make big knitted jumpers and long cosy coats vital items to warm our cockles - no fear, the wedge is still here! Thanks to the likes of Chloe and Yves Saint Laurent, Wedges are now a Winter wardrobe essential!
I will refer to them as 'Winter Wedges'. They are still very high, and still very sexy - just warmer!
Here are a pair I spotted in Topshop (also available in Black). At £69 I think they are a very reasonable price for a new wardobe staple.
A perfect suit to jeans and a Parka. 

Thursday, 22 September 2011
Back to Black posted at 10:32

Oh and I dyed my hair! (for free though ;)

Charity shop/High street haul posted at 10:29

Black Silk Lace Cami (1.75)
Gold Quilted Bag (1.99) 
Charity Shop 

White Tie Shirt (19.99) T.K.Maxx
Black Shorts (12.99) H&M
Black Loafers (12.00) Primark
Gold Feather Double Finger-Ring (2.50)
Gold Locket Necklace (1.50)
Gold Diamonte Lion Head Ring (1.50)
All Primark

Pink Sheer Shirt (14.99) H&M

Hand Knitted Scarf  (2.50)
Charity Shop

Faux Fur Scarf (2.00)
Charity Shop


Tuesday, 20 September 2011
Find of the day 20/9 posted at 11:15

Marc Jacobs Wishbone necklace
This is pretty much the cutest necklace i have seen in all my life! It's so soo sweet!
I've been trying to find prices on the net and unfortunately i can't seem to locate any legit sites apart from ebay...so I will continue my hunt.
Would love this to pair with my Marc Jacobs 'Sloane' watch!

Monday, 19 September 2011
weekend review posted at 12:07

Finally got payed! and i would love to boast about how i'm going to order that ebay leather jacket but unfortunately i had a bit of an interesting (expensive) night out in London with the girls on my course.
Headed out to Brick lane festival and into Vibe bar which was a mix of Reggae and Dubstep.
Let's just leave it at 5 vodka and cokes, 5 sambucca shots and 6 am.

High-waisted denim shorts w/ black tights and a leopard print boobtube. Black belt and black fringe + studded shoulder bag.

Friday, 16 September 2011
First college assignment! posted at 09:50

So I had my induction to my course this week and were given briefs about one of our first assignments. We had a choice of 2 which were both competitions for Cosmopolitan Magazine. One involved writing a 500 word article on items of clothing you would buy with £500; and the other was designing a red carpet dress for your style icon.
I was going to enter the Journalist one but decided to opt for the style icon instead as it would give me a bit of experience in design before our first formal assignment.

I take inspiration from loads of different celebrities but I'd have say my 'style icon' would have to be the beautiful Fearne Cotton - definitely a wardrobe that I would die for.

After some research I've found that her preferred style is that of the 70's as it accentuates her subtle curves in a glamorous and Bohemian style. In a recent cosmo interview she said "I like to get my legs out by not my arms"; So I think that will be the basis of ideas for her red carpet dress.
Will update you on any designs!